Day 3 – Insanity Reins Supreme

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Techincally this is Day 6 of Gavin being home but I’m only counting weather days. With every day, I get a little bit closer to that pretty padded room I’ve always wanted. 😉 lol

Yesterday was actually pretty quiet and laid-back. (see here, here and here to bare witness to our silliness – lol) Today is already off to a smashing success. *insert sarcasm here*

Last night was pretty calm until around 1:00am. That’s when Elliott got fussy and Rob and I woke up to find Elliott half in bed and half on the floor, trying to sleep. lol Poor little guy was pretty confused. So Rob brough him to bed. That marks the end of my night. Elliott took over my Snoogle pillow and my half of the bed. So I attempted to sleep with my head and neck in odd positions all night long. I have a night of little to no sleep, a crick in my neck and a throbbing migraine to show for it all. Fun. Fun. Fun.

What little sleep I did get was peppered with crazy dreams. I dreamt that I took Elliott back to the NICU to visit. Only the hospital had been moved to a shopping mall. There was something in there about getting into another hit-skip accident (they hit me and skipped – not the other way around) and the damage to my front end some how punctured my gas tank. Which then festered for hours before exploding. (Maybe that’s when my head split open with the migraine. lol) Then I woke up and toss and turned for a while before I fell back to sleep and finished the dream. (I can’t seem to do this when I want to finish the dream. Only when the dream stinks!) When I fell back to sleep I jumped into the dream at a point where some random guy was stealing my charred vehicle remains. This enraged me! How dare he take the charred, useless carcass that was my car! Again the pregnancy dreams strike and confuse me. lol

Enough about my crappy night, let’s talk about Jericho. I am addicted. I admit it. Apparently Grandma Gene has been singing it’s praises for months, oh how I wish I had listened. The Sci-Fi channel aired the first 4 episodes over the weekend and my darling husband had the presence of mind to record it. (Thank you Honey!) I’m missing 18 episodes though before I can watch the new one from last night. *sigh* C’est la vie. If you’ve never watched it, YOU SHOULD. Apparently after Season 1, CBS tried to cancel it. Only to get a response similar to the outcry over My So Called Life, and we all know what happened there. Hopefully, Jericho won’t fall by the wayside after Season 2. I must admit though. I don’t want to see Jake with Emily. I want to see him with Heather. Emily is just too…high maintenance for my tastes.