{Bump} Things that make you go “hhhhmmmm…..”

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So I’ve been cruising my blogs lately. And I’m completely obsessed with a new one, Confessions of a CF Husband. It’s written by the husband/father. His wife, Tricia, has CF and is currently in a semi-drugged comma and intubated. Their daughter, Gwyneth, was born on January 8th at 24 weeks gestation. I think I followed a link from Tiffany’s blog. Anyway, I’m obsessed and completely in love with this tiny micro-preemie whom I’ve never met. The truly funny thing (at least to me) is that Nathan posted a video of his walk between Gwyneth and Tricia and in the very beginning he does this thing where he licked his fingers and smoothed his eyebrows…Rob does that whenever he wants to cheer me up and everything else has failed. I guess I always knew that other men did that. I’ve just never actually *seen* it. lol Anyway, if you guys get a chance check out his blog. It’s amazing. Gwyneth is a miracle in every sense of the word. Tricia is fighter and I admire them all so much.

Tricia also has a blog but since she’s been sitting the sidelines she hasn’t been able to update it. But you can check it out nonetheless. 🙂

(***I wrote this about a week or so ago but it was saved and never posted. So I am posting it today.)