Missing: One Tooth

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Name: Baby Tooth
Size: Small
Weight: Hardly Anything
Description: Bloody Baby Tooth
Date Lost: Sunday 02/10/2008
Background: After weeks and weeks of being loose but standing his ground, Baby Tooth finally gave up the battle for the only home he’s ever known to Permanent Tooth. Sources close to Baby Tooth state that Permanent Tooth was threatening to file legal an eviction order with the local courts if the premises were not vacated soon. Baby Tooth finally agreed to leave but insisted it be a bitter, bloody battle to the end. Baby Tooth was last heard screaming, “I won’t go out without a fight.” And fight he did. Baby Tooth will be sorely missed for a while but we all look forward to getting to know Permanent Tooth. Services in memory of Baby Tooth will be held tonight just after bed time. The Tooth Fairy will be officiating as is customary in circumstances such as these.