My body is no longer my own.

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Well, it’s official. I’ve reached the point in my pregnancy where my belly is starting to “get in way”. lol If I am standing up and I look down, guess what I see? Nothing. My feet have disappeared. (Now I am still able to lean forward far enough to find them again. But if I look straight down, they are gone.) This morning when I was doing he dishes for breakfast I leaned on the counter like I always do. Only this time I was told in no uncertain terms that “Hey lady, I’m down here you know!” lol Now please don’t misunderstand me, I love these things. I love that my feet have disappeared when I’m standing. I love that I can’t do certain things without reminder that my body is no longer my own. I love that my body is constantly changing. There is just something about pregnancy that has always…sat well with me, for lack of a better way to put it.

Gavin’s pregnacy was pretty easy. I only had morning sickness of days when my stress level was especially high. This is when I experienced my first migraine. (Apparently they’ve decided they like me and I’ve had migraines ever since.) I even managed to work until was 7 or 8 months pregnant. Most of the problems I thought I had were really just me being 18/19 years old and pregnant for the first time. I didn’t know what was what. I didn’t know what to expect, even after reading every book I could get my hands on. The two biggest issues I had were my blood pressure (thanks to people who shall remain nameless) and once about 2 weeks before my due date I couldn’t get Gavin to move for an entire day. It was scary but everything turned out okay. He was just running out of room to move. 🙂 lol Gavin was born on Tuesday, January 18th, 4 days after his due date of January 14th. He was happy, healthy and perfect.

Elliott Richard’s pregnancy was a complete 180degrees from Gavin’s. The 1st trimester was all day sickness, cramping, headaches and worry. The 2nd trimester was pretty quiet. It was mainly my cousin Sam’s wedding, Rob’s brother Jon’s wedding, Halloween and Thanksgiving. The 3rd trimester was a different story entirely. Starting at 27-29 weeks I began experiencing preterm labor. I had a DVT. I was hospitalized at various points for different lengths of time. And I ended up on bed rest. In the end, Elliott Richard was born at 36 weeks on Saturday, March 4th, 4 weeks before his due date of Tuesday, March 28th. He was angry, sick and perfect. He spent his first 10 days of life in the NICU.

This pregnancy has been a combination of the two. There are times when I worry because things are quiet and all is right with the world. After Elliott Richard I’m not used to this “calm pregnancy”. I’ve had horrible migraines, worse than with Elliott Richard. I had all day sickness, worse than with Elliott Richard. And cramping, worse than with Elliott Richard. Then you add the “band” scare and 16 days of trying not to worry. But everything is just as it should be, right where it should be.

While I may change my mind later, I would definitely be willing to do this all again. if I could get Rob to agree. 🙂 lol I love being pregnant. I love knowing that a new life is growing inside of me. I love knowing that I alone am responsible for this tiny person for the next 9-10 months. I love breastfeeding. I love newborns, its probably my favorite phase because they just change so much, so quickly. If I had perfect, “text book” pregnancies and I could get Rob to agree to it; I would be a surogate mother. I honestly love being pregnant that much. lol