Focusing on the positive

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Okay, so things are a little rocky right now. I’m stressed. I once again find myself with a migraine that my medications cannot touch. And I’m exhausted. But a wise woman once told me to focus on the positive. And if I find that I cannot focus on the positive to simply focus on Jesus. I am not to the point of needing to focus on Jesus alone at this point. So I choose in stead to focus on the positive. In no particular order, here are my positives:

*I feel “moving and grooving” everyday now.
*Elliott Richard is learning new words all the time. So far today I’ve heard “orine” (orange) and “hola”.
*Gavin is so sweet.*Somehow I’m managed (with Rob’s help of course) to raise
2 very polite little men. Even Elliott Richard says “thank you” and “welcome”
(you’re welcome). He struggles with “please” but he’ll get it with time.
*My husband is loving and supportive. I couldn’t find a better man if I wanted to –
and I don’t.
*I have a roof over my head.
*I have food in my belly.
*February is Italo’s Pizzaria’s “buy a large 1 topping for $6” month. I love Italo’s Pizza.
*Most times my boys would rather have healthy snack (fruit and veggies) than junk.
*I have a Mother who loves me and helps me out with getting a break or taking care of the boys or last minute babysitting more times than I can count. Without her I
wouldn’t be half the Mom I am. Heck, without her I wouldn’t be nearly as sane as
I am.
*My birth mother was compassionate enough to give me life and give my parents the gift of parenthood.
*I have friends and family who love me.
*I have a good head on my shoulders.
*I am realitively healthy and the medical issues I do have aren’t life threatening, just life annoying. 😉 lol
*While Gavin is Autistic, he is “high functioning” which means I don’t have to go his whole life without hearing him say my name or tell me he loves me.
*Elliott Richard is my little preemie miracle.
*Rob is always willing to allow me a precious nap or relaxing bath.
*There are so many wonderful people, some I know and some I’ll probably never have the opportunity to meet, who are willing to pray for us.
*My God is an awesome God.

I could keep going but I think I’ve covered the basics. 🙂 Feel free to leave a comment with anything else that you feel should make the list.