Yay for poop!!!

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Okay, perhaps I should explain. Although I don’t know that explaining will help. You’ll probably still think me insane even with an explanaination. *shrugs* Such is life.

As I posted a while ago, I am in a funk. I am overwhelmed and overloaded. I am exhausted mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. I am exhausted by “fake” people that I am surrounded by. I am exhausted by my life. I have every right to feel these things. However, they are not good for me or for our little Ladybug. And as it is my sincerest wish to give Ladybug every opportunity possible in which to grow and thrive, I needed to kick the funk.

Elliott Richard helped some by showering me with kisses all on his own. I didn’t even have to ask for them, which is rare occurrance. However, the funk remained.

I got online fully expecting to do little more than follow link after link through mind-numbing blogs. First though, I thought I would check my regular “haunts”. I started with Tiffany’s blog, as is my new habit. She hasn’t updated since the last, which I still haven’t replied to. Then I moved on to Nathan’s blog. I honestly didn’t expect another post since he’s posted at least twice today. But I checked hoping that maybe some new pics of Gwyneth and/or Tricia had been posted and those might de-funk me. What I found was a post about what the purpose of his blog was and what it wasn’t. Completely understandable given the sheer magnitude of traffic he’s receiving. I faithfully read the whole post. Nodding in agreement. Understanding as best I can from my limited vantage point. Until the end.

There is one statement that I remember above all the rest. This one statement is short and powerful. So powerful in fact, that it has mostly de-funked me. What is this short and all powerful statement you ask? Was it scripture? Was it faith related? (this is another topic/post entirely) No, my friends, it was poop related. That’s right, I said POOP. His one simple statement that held the power to start my de-funking process was simply this:

Finally, this post is not meant to:
(obviously I didn’t add 1-9 because they did not assist in my de-funking)
10) Scare you from praying for poop.

That was it. That did it for me. How wonderful is a world where thousands of complete strangers are praying for someone’s preemie daughter to poop so that she might eat. What a wonderful world that we can pray for something as simple as a child’s first poop because it signifies the beginning of her road to recovery, it allows her the opportunity to eat and grow, it shows that things are moving along just as they should. (Sorry for the pun there.)

If that makes me insane, I wear the badge proudly because it helps me to know that through all of us praying and one tiny little girl’s will to live and thrive; we are able to do what alone we could not. Well, with God’s help too. 😉 lol And so again I say,

YAY FOR POOP!!!!! 🙂 lol