Just breathe

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I am 14 weeks 1 day today. (I know. I know. I STILL haven’t posted my 13 week belly pictures. I have them. I swear. I’ll get them posted later. I promise.) I have been a wee bit stressed lately. (I don’t know if y’all have noticed or not. 😉 lol) Well, a large portion of this stress was because when I was pregnant with Gavin, I felt him move at 13 weeks on the dot. Then with Elliott Richard (who’s name I seem to be having a difficult time typing today) I felt him move at 13 weeks on the dot too.

So, here I was 14 weeks and nothing! I had a few moments where I thought “hey, maybe?” but I wasn’t sure and in my book it doesn’t count. I wanted a movement where I *KNEW*. God finally answered that prayer last night.

I was laying on the couch watching television with Rob and I felt it. My instinctive reaction was to hold my belly in the spot of the movement and promptly burst into tears. The relief I felt in that moment, I can’t describe it. It felt as if the weight of the world had just been lifted off my chest.

I haven’t felt it again but I’m waiting. I know now for sure that she’s moving and grooving in there. I can’t wait for that first big KICK.

*does a happy dance* I felt Ladybug move! I felt Ladybug move! *finishes happy dance*

Now as far as I’m concerned this is a great, wonderful, fabulous thing. Our Income Tax Return should be here soon and that’s great, wonderful, fabulous thing #2. And I’m holding out for the ultrasound on Tuesday to be great, wonderful, fabulous thing #3. *crosses fingers and says a prayer*