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I am utterly exhausted in every sense of the word. I have a sinus infection and migraine. I cannot get medication for the sinus infection untill tomorrow because Dr. D was not in the office today. The medication I have for the migraines is hardly putting a dent in the pain because of the sinus part. We, that being all 4.5 of us, went non-stop from about 10:30am until we finally got home at around 4:30pm! I have nothing left.

Gavin had his 8 year “well baby visit” although I suppose he’s only a baby to me at this point. His pediatrician says it’s his “8 year or 80,000 mile tune-up”. lol Gavin is now 4 feet 4 inches tall. Dr. M said if he stays on course with his height, he’ll be 6 feet tall!!!! *jaw drop* He also weighes 60 pounds, which is HUGE because he was 45-50 pounds for YEARS. He would eat nonstop but not gain much of anything. Maybe I’ll be able to stop looking for slim clothes for him soon. He was supposed to have a booster of the chicken pox vaccine (new guidelines just issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics), which of course freaked him out. Then he was granted a reprieve because the chicken pox vaccine is a live vaccine and I’m pregnant. I’ve had chicken pox but Ladybug hasn’t and that would be bad. Thank God (seriously, not taking his name in vain here) because we had told him no shots that morning, which is what we were told last year.

Then the boys and I dropped Rob off at an appointment and met my Mom, Grammy, Aunt Sharon and baby Sofia for lunch. We ate at a chinese buffet Mom and I go to a lot. The boys love it and it’s pretty cheap. I ate but nothing really tasted all that good. I’m still suffering from a complete lack of appetite.

After lunch, we picked up Rob and dropped Gavin off at Occupational and Speech therapies. Then Rob dropped me off at the hospital so I could have my bloodwork done (blood type, genetic testing based on ethnicity etc). I was in and out in about 20 minutes. Woo Whoo! We had good timing too because just as I was going back the waiting room filled up out of the blue! It was crazy! Picked Gavin up and FINALLY came home.

Now I’m just trying to find something to entertain myself with. Nothing sounds very appealing at the moment.