12 weeks & OB History Appointment

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Well yesterday I had my OB History appointment. We met with one of my favorite nurses, Val. The appointment took about an hour and a half. We spent most of it answering health questions about our hertiages and my previous pregnancies. That way Dr. Domingo has everything all in one place, rather than having to flip through my inch and a half thick file. We finished the appointment with a blood pressure reading, which was a little high for me (115/68). Then we got to hear Ladybug’s heartbeat again. Of course that was after Val spent at least 5 minutes looking for the heartbeat. It took everything I had not to burst into tears during those 5 minutes. They were the longest 5 minutes I can remember having in a long time. Val finally managed to corner Ladybug just long enough to get the heart rate (158 bpm). Then Ladybug took off again. My children should be track stars. They’re so good at running. 🙂

Wow. I can’t believe I’m already 12 weeks along. I’m also officially in the Second Trimester. Absolutely unreal. Those first few weeks seemed to take FOREVER. Now the weeks are just flying by. Only 28 weeks to go…