Lucky number 7?

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Okay, so I’ve blogged 6 times today already. Between the belly pictures, pictures of Gavin, pictures of Elliott, my boredom induced questionaire, my FYI and my Happy New Year post – that’s 6. However, I feel the need to post one more and I don’t want to wait until tomorrow. It’s my blog and I’ll blog if I want to! 😛 lol

Anyway, a week or so ago I posted about a family in Michigan who had adopted a preemie who was born here in Canton. Well, I read about Tiffany, Jason, Hannah and Isaac in the Canton Repository and the article had the address for her blog. I sat down and read her blog from beginning to end. I continue to keep up with it because there is something about it, about her story that gives me hope.

I’ve only posted a few comments and sent Tiffany an email today. She replied back (no small feat with two small children and the number of emails she probably gets on any given day). Well one thing that caught me off guard was the fact that her Gram had responded to one of my comments saying that she would be praying for me during this pregnancy. That amazed me because she doesn’t know me, not personally anyway. Here is this complete stranger concerned for me, praying for me. Not because she was asked to. Not because my name was passed down a prayer chain (I have nothing against prayer chains.) and eventually reached her. She is praying for me simply because she wanted to. I guess it shows the sad state of the world because this just floored me and touched me to the point I cried (in a good way).

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Gram this evening. Again, I admit it, I cried. I mean your family is supposed to love you and support you, although not all do. But to know that people are actually capable of caring for another without that family-type connection, I just can’t put it into words.

So, Tiffany and Gram, again I say thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for caring enough to pray for me. Thank you for being willing to share your story with others. You are both truly special women.

(Hopefully this made sense. I really struggled with the wording and getting it to do justice to how I feel.)