10 weeks

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My pregnancy journal has one page dedicated to each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy with a spot for a belly pic each week. I had Rob take my picture and of course I’m getting it posted the day before he’ll be taking it again. lol I blame the holiday break. I keep thinking it’s perpetually Sunday, which is really starting to mess with my head. lol Anyway, here’s the belly pic for 10 weeks and just for comparison a belly pic from 4 months (that’s about a month or so away) from my pregnancy with Elliott. I think you’ll see why Rob still thinks I’m having twins. lol

10 wks

Me 10 weeks pregnant – Hmmmm…what’s that? Am I carrying quints? No, not to my knowledge. Although it definitely looks like a possibility, doesn’t it? lol

Baby #3 @ 10 wks

And one more just because I prefer color pictures over black and white. (Rob loves the black and white photos.)


Here I am 4 months pregnant with Elliott Richard. Scary how big I am already this time around.