OMP: A message to my MOTHER

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I’m sorry. I appreciate you. I love you. Thank God for you.

I’m sorry for every article of clothing that I wore for 5 seconds and declared “dirty”.

I’m sorry for every time I “remembered” at 11pm that I had a huge project due the next day.

I’m sorry for insisting that I keep every toy from McDonald’s/Wendy’s/Burger King etc.

I’m sorry for shoving all of my clothes and toys under my bed and declaring my room “clean” – only to have you give up an entire Saturday/weekend to truly clean that mess.

I’m sorry for every time I said “I hate you” to show how angry I was.

I’m sorry for every fit I threw when things didn’t go my way.

I’m sorry for every time I made you cry, worry or want to pull your hair out.

I’m sorry for every rude, crude and unrefined comment I ever said because I was a teenager and convinced I knew more than you.

I’m sorry for every time I turned my nose up at whatever meal you had taken time to prepare.

Likewise, I’m sorry for every time I came into the kitchen and “asked” for something to eat.

I’m sorry for every day I used more than one glass.

I’m sorry for every can of pop I took two sips out of and then left to waste.

I’m sorry for every guilt trip, every headache I caused, every heartless thing I said or did.

I’m sorry. Had I known then, what I know now…I would have done things differently. Please know that. Please know that when I did those things I was thinking only of myself. I didn’t realize how much you gave up to be my mother. I didn’t realize the Hell I put you through. I simply didn’t know or understand.