Product Review: Glowing Mandalas Adult Coloring Book

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The Glowing Mandalas book is created by Lin Watchorn. It’s 47 pages of various mandalas set to black backgrounds, which is supposed to help make the mandalas glow. Of the 47 mandalas, 44 were created to glow, the final 3 mandalas are your everyday mandalas. It is $5.99 retail.

While I love any adult coloring book, I prefer to choose the items I review. As I flipped through the book one of the first things I noticed was the brief note in the back of the book asking outright for reviews on Amazon. While I realize that the reviews assist the authors, it just felt cheesy to me.

I found the paper too thin for markers. If I didn’t place a free sheet of paper between the pages of the book, the markers would bleed through. I was using basic Crayola(c) markers.

Obviously, color pencils are always an option. While the black background did allow my mandala to pop a little more than usual when I colored lightly, which I typically do. I also noticed that if you left any white in the picture the effectiveness of the “glowing” ability was compromised. It didn’t glow as much as my other pictures.

I didn’t only have problems with the book. There are actually a few things I was pleasantly surprised upon discovery. In fact, I love the fact that there is not a single mandala repeated in this book. There is a nice mix of various styles of mandalas and equal parts mandalas made up with large and small spaces.

It’s a nice adult coloring book and I’ll certainly enjoy it for many days to come. However, I simply don’t see what all the hype is about.

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